About Us

Architechtura helps customers and enterprises develop solutions to reinvent their business for the digital age.

We offer an integrated portfolio of services suitable for various industries built around engineering, development, blockchain, analytics, marketing, management, and cloud computing that will help you build internal capabilities, integrate digital and analytics tools into your business, and transform it in profitable and productive ways.

Meet Our Team

Christina Cartagena

CEO & Founder

Dora Lulic

CEO & Founder

What We Believe

As Founders and CEOs of Architechtura, we believe that understanding technology as a revolutionary engine will help people and organizations thrive in the current world.

For that reason, we created Architechtura, a company committed to delivering only the best services to develop your solutions. We operate with integrity, speed, professionalism, responsibility, and respect. We strive to develop only the best for each of our customers while maintaining impeccable quality, exceptional service, guaranteed satisfaction, and flexible payment options. Let us help you bring your innovative ideas to improved realities.

– Dora & Christina