Architechtura is committed to giving back to the community. We believe in leaving a positive impact on the world, which is why every quarter we sponsor a different nonprofit organization. The organizations we sponsor are because we stand with their goals and see their efforts. It is the ultimate goal of Architechtura to set up its own nonprofits, specifically for providing necessities and education to children and affordable healthcare services for all.

Humanitarian Hand Projects

BackpackBuddies Organization

Backpack Buddies is a private nonprofit organization that helps alleviate hunger students may face when leaving school for the weekend or breaks. It is 100% volunteer operated and so far over 20,000 bags of food have been distributed. Architechtura is highlighting this smaller nonprofit to help raise awareness for their cause and encourage others to get involved. While currently they operate in only Loudon County, where over 3,000 children rely on food programs, they are aiming to expand. We hope our page encourages you to get involved with their organization in any capacity you can, or perhaps even inspire you to look at what you can do to help feed those in your community.

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