Health information technologies are evolving everyday at an exponential pace. The days of physicians using pen and paper documents are slowly fading, and digitialization is everywhere.


At Architechtura we help you transition with the times, and even jump ahead of them. Our Healthcare Team is specialized not only in industry compliance but also all the top technologies to enhance your efficiency and save you money.

Whether you are a physician needing a custom HIPPA compliant electronic medical record system, a hospital needing to automate inventory ordering, a cardiologist wishing to virtually see patients, or perhaps even a dentist needing to attract more clients, Architechtura has your back.

When you meet for healthcare solutions at Architechtura you meet not only with our elite project managers and engineers, but also healthcare professionals such as medical doctors. Our method of healthcare professional pairing is unique to Architechtura, but we do it to make sure we understand everything you need at the most intimate level. In turn, we provide the highest quality solutions, envied throughout the industry.

HIPPA Compliance

If you are not operating in a fully HIPPA compliant manner, then your entire practice is compromised and a risk of closure. Penalities are also quite costly, some as highly as $50,000 per incident. Do not jeopardize your practice, instead let Architechtura create fully HIPPA compliant systems, that are audited and monitored continuously.

Data Security

A patient’s medical records can be considered on of their most sacred assets. Unfortunately HIPPA has some gaps when it comes to security, which is perhaps why every year over 113 million health records are exposed every year. At Architechtura we develop solutions with security in mind so that you never join in the statistic.

Telehealth Appointments

COVID-19 has shown us the importance of remote capabilities. However, not just any video conference room will work when it comes to seeing patients. You need a secure custom HIPPA compliant platform for seeing patients, and we can provide exactly that.

Sharing Data

Patients need to share their data with other healthcare professionals. If a patient wants to do this, then it shouldn’t be a dragged out process of signing a release and waiting for the medical assistant to compile the paperwork. At Architechtura we can automate this process, from the digital signing of a release to direct delivery to the intended entity.

Accessing Data

A patient should be able to access his records without having to wait. At Architechtura we develop custom compliant patient portals so that accessibility is as easy as checking social media.

Inventory Management

If a surgeon runs low on lidocaine during an operation, then that is a big law suit waiting to happen. A healthcare should never have to worry about logistics. At Architechtura we can automate your inventory ordering and provide you with a constant live feed of it.


Many people think that adding technologies will increase costs, but that’s far from true. On the contrary, sophisticated systems developed by Architechtura will save you both time and money.


Accessing an MRI reader or a patient’s data shouldn’t be limited to a specific device. At Architechtura we understand that healthcare professionals are often on the go, which is why we have cloud-based solutions to keep you going.

Sample Solutions


COVID-19 has caused a 50% surge in online appointments, and both patients and doctors have fallen in love with its convenience. Architechtura can create custom virtual medical offices that follow HIPPA compliance and impress patients.

Custom EMRs

Using an EMR should never be a burden. Instead, EMRs should be an easy and effective tool for consolidating data. At Architechtura we can analyze your current system and modify it to better suit your needs, or even create a more tailored one from scratch.

Inventory Management

Supplies should never run low, and if they do then that can severely set you back. Our team is equipped with medical doctors who know that sometimes supplies can go on back order for months. As a result, Architechtura knows exactly how to maintain your inventory so you are never found lacking.

Patient Portals

There is not a single patient out there who would not like access to his records at any moment. At Architechtura we create secure patient portals that update automatically based on EMR integration or even third-party integration such as data from coming in from Quest Diagnostics.

Document Readers

Unfortunately a lot of data exists on old fashioned paper documents. This means that a medical assistant must upload a scanned copy to an EMR, or retype the note completely. Architechtura uses advanced OCR technologies to automatically pull text from paper documents, and sort them into your EMR accordingly, which allows for search ability otherwise not available if relying on a scanned document.

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