Technology for the legal industry is one of the fastest growing sectors with $1,000+ billion expected to be spent in the year 2021 alone. But what exactly is legal technology?


Legal technology refers to any type of software, tool, or piece of equipment that significantly increases the way legal services are executed. It is a set of technology that eases the practice of law for all legal professionals while enhancing overall client competency and justice.

Architechtura is ahead of the game when it comes to legal tech. In fact, our legal tech team is unique in that it includes an on board attorney so that we can make sure we are crafting your solution exact. We offer all types of legal technology services from e-discovery tools to streamlined communication platforms and more.

Lack of Understanding

A major problem amongst legal professionals is that they simply to not have an in-depth understanding as to what technologies they should be using. At Architechtura our legal tech team is equipped with an attorney who knows exactly what you need and can explain its benefits in terms you’ll understand. You’ll be awestruck by the solutions we have for you!

Organizational Issues

Technology and software can help to make daily tasks easier along with communication. At Architechtura we create modern work spaces where we concentrate all your objectives and communications into one user-friendly place.

Financial Barriers

Many people have the misconception that implementing new technologies will be costly. However, the reality is that new technologies can reduce overall costs by over 40%. For example, diction technologies can save thousands of hours per year, and we all know time is money. Another way legal tech can save is through the use of virtual offices, this completely eliminates any real estate prices.

Slow Processes

Attorneys have to draft hundreds of documents per year, which are often variations of one another. For example, everyday he may write a new brief or NDA. At Architechtura we know how long these processes can take, which is why we offer custom litigation automation technology that enables an attorney to prepare a supported draft of a legal document in just a fraction of the amount of time it would otherwise take.

Intense Research

As an attorney you are performing research on many different engines such as Google, Lexisnexis, Westlaw and more. It can be difficult to keep tracking of all your data, which is why at Architechtura we offer solutions to consolidate your workstation.

Document Error

If there is a typo, a missed signature, or maybe even just confusing grammar, then a legal document’s legitimacy is compromised. At Architechtura we want to make sure you are never caught with your tail between your legs due to a preventable textual error, which is why we offer various legal document solutions.


A blockchain network can create a shared distributed ledger accessible to all parties in an agreement. On this network smart contracts can be executed. Architechtura is a leading blockchain innovator and the backed-in compliance we ensure means that our legal contracts guarantee no surprises and no misinterpretations.

Client Experience

Your client wants you to be available, and wants to have access to their records. With Architechtura you can provide impressive client portals where a client can instantly access his information. In addition, client portals can streamline communication with legal professionals. Furthermore, a client portal can be used for a client to interact with documents such as uploading needed documents, making modifications, or providing authenticated signatures.

Sample Solutions

Smart Contracts

A smart contract follows a proactive and interdisciplinary approach by applying law with tech. Smart contracts create safe environments for legal professionals and clients to engage with one another along with third-parties. We can automate virtually any process for you using smart contract systems, and at Architechtura we are a leading smart contract innovator.

Data Security

Keeping your client’s records confidential is not only a legal requirement but also a must to ensure your client’s trust. Every year 1 in 4 law firms will have a security breach, which can cost a firm everything. Architechtura guarantees you will be GDPR compliant and adds other security parameters to ensure your data is impenetrable.

Communication Tools

We create custom client portals where your clients can access all their information and engage with your firm directly. In addition, at Architechtura we offer creative solutions to enhance team communication along with secure video conferencing rooms.

Simplified Case Management

Some cases can go on for years, and keeping track of all the associated documents and materials can be tedious and time consuming. Architechtura has solutions to centralize your case management, so everything is available in one mobile accessible location.

Decision Support/ Predictive Analytical Tools

We can help you to created advanced workflows that will allow you to flag and search for much needed documents or sections of documents. Architechtura’s tools have been shown to reduce e-discovery time by more than 33%.

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