The manufacturing industry has changed dramatically over the years. Everything nowadays is digital, and if it isn’t yet, then it will be soon. 


Manufacturing technology provides a set of instruments that assist in the production of goods. It refers to the machines used to perform such productions along with the software and hardware that instigates the machinery. 

Architechtura can help you advance your manufacturing with technologies such as big data ML. We give you the needed analytics to optimize your processes and enhance your employee experience. Furthermore, through the use of intelligent tools we can help you increase efficiencies through automation.

Our solutions give you context-aware products, connected services, responsive manufacturing, intelligent supply chain management, and more. Overall, our technologies will help you to improve workforce, production, and customer service quality while ensuring security, integration, and full digitalization.

Team Communication

Manufacturing requires the integration of multiple parties and teams. As such, any miscommunications or any lack of communication can be detrimental to the overall production of goods.


It is imperative that manufacturers adopt top security measures beyond just on-premise. In this era, cybercriminals can attempt to hack into your network and jeopardize your entire enterprise by shutting you down. Protect against this by ensuring you have a cybersecurity team protecting your most vital assets – data.


While widely available, digitalization tools are sparsely used in the manufacturing industry. We will tell you exactly how our solutions can upgrade your processes and increase efficiency.

Quality Assurance

It is challenging to keep a production quality that is sustainable and that optimizes the business. The solutions we offer will allow automation to your manufacturing processes to provide consistency and reliability across all platforms.

Predictive Analytics

The manufacturing industry is associated with a lot of risks but Architechtura can provide new ways to predict potential mishaps. Our solutions allow you to emerge out of any manufacturing problems and take measures to avoid future ones and thrive.

Customer Self Service

Any problems with a good you produced must be accounted for. This is why it is important to have customer reporting tools in place. For example, you can set up a hotline or have a feature on your website where manufacturing issues can be reported.

Integrated Scheduling and Execution

Scheduling your workforce should be easy. It shouldn’t be a process left to employees to swap shifts or try to find a replacement. In addition, as a business owner, you must account for labor compliance laws and ideally would minimize your money spent on labor by minimizing overtime.

Manufacturing Intelligence

There are countless data streams when it comes to a manufacturing procedure. From inventory ordering to plant-floor systems and beyond, all carry important metrics you should be aware of. Therefore, bring all your data together and analyze it to learn where you can improve.

Sample Solutions

Smart Contract Automation

A smart contract is a type of code that exists on a blockchain network. It can be used to define a variety of relationships and mitigate terms. Since it functions as an if-then system, smart contracts can be widely used in the manufacturing sector. For example, if Item A is received from Party 1, then Party 2 manufactures Item B.

Inventory Management

Inventory management involves keeping track of all the goods you have in stock. If too much stock is on hand, then unnecessary space is being utilized. On the other hand, if there is a deficiency then processes can be stunted. It is important that inventory is always shown in real-time, and even more important that systems are in place to automate ordering and other segments of its management.

Field Service Operations

Increase the productivity of your employees substantially with enhanced resource management and solutions. Upgrade your business by installing technologies that ease the management of employee activities while accounting for safety. 

Asset Management & Optimization

Plan, work and adapt your business according to the assets you need to maximize. Use solutions that make it easy to plan the utilization of assets in such a way that costs are diminished. Review reports that show you how to optimize your efficiencies.

Order Management

Esaily track your orders to stay ahead of your industrial curve. Order management systems allow you to keep track of your suppliers along with your distributions. This allows you to maintain control of your operations and ensure customer satisfaction.

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