In today’s world the need for e-commerce and online retail solutions is more prevalent than ever before. At Architechtura we empower you with cutting-edge technologies to increase your revenue streams and management efficiencies.  


Retail technologies consists of e-commerce and management solutions such as inventory control. It is important that these solutions are always scalable and agile as businesses grow quickly and industries constantly evolve.

Architechtura is committed to providing high-quality secure solutions that can help you expand your customer reach and delivery. Our solutions will entice your store visitors while tracking dozens of vital analytics and creating personalized visitor profiles for each one.

When you work with Architechtura all aspects of your business are reviewed so we can ensure the solutions we build will not only maintain your business but also grow it. In terms of management, this means automating business components such as payroll, shipping, and ordering. It also means consolidating all components into one user-friendly dashboard that alerts you of any urgent needs and displays summarized data.

E-Commerce Demand

The pandemic has increased e-commerce sales globally by more than 16% and over 40% in America as people are avoiding physical stores. This increase in demand is not expected to be short-term as many now realize the convenience of online shopping; thus, shopping behaviors have been permanently changed.

Maintaining Visibility

Visibility online refers to your overall brand and product presence. It is important to have high visibility online as this is directly correlated to greater e-commerce sales on your website. In addition, visibility can affect how your business is perceived in the marketplace. Architechtura can help you get visible and stay visible through a variety of tools such as our proprietary search engine optimization (SEO) website functions, rich content publishing, and geo-specific targeting.

Demand Forecasting

When the Playstation 5 came out customers rushed to websites such as Walmart to quickly make purchases. However, within minutes it was completely sold out and customers who had the item in their carts were left unable to finalize purchase as all units were already gone. Architechtura never wants your customers to experience this type of frustration, which is why our solutions are carefully crafted by utilizing demand forecasting.

Customer Experience

How your customer interacts with your company is important. Interactions over the phone, in-person, and online all affect how customers feel about your business. Therefore, it is critical that customers have positive experiences. Website errors, hard to navigate pages, and lack of an online store or online booking can all leave your customers feeling sour and diminish your reputation.

Market Saturation

Nowadays the competition businesses face is substantial. In fact, given the global environment the Internet provides, it is approximated that all businesses have at least 100 competitors. Differentiating yourself from others is critical and being validated as the best is even more important. Be sure you are the most recognized among your competition and ahead of all direct, indirect, and replacement competitors.

Multichannel Retail

Multichannel retailing is the art of selling products, goods, and services across more than one sales channel. It includes channels such as direct-to-consumer, e-commerce sites, mobile applications, enterprises, and more. The most significant benefit of multichannel retailing is that it provides customer data. By learning where most of your customers shop at you can know which specific parts of your business are effective, which are ineffective, and how to better promote your business.


Global warming is a serious threat to our home planet and as a result the need for sustainable e-commerce is more important than ever before. Architechtura is committed to doing what it can to minimize carbon footprints and help other businesses do the same. Operating in a sustainable manner in the retail sector means consolidating packages, using recycled packing components, having innovative return strategies, and more.

Social Media Pressures

Your business needs to be on social media in today’s era. Social media offers opportunities for firms to boost popularity, increase brand awareness, sell goods/services, and facilitate word-of-mouth communication. Having social media accounts also lets customers know that you are active and committed to listening to feedback. In addition, social media can help to legitimize your business as others view your following and activity as a form of validating your authenticity.

Sample Solutions

Point of Sale (POS)

Point of sale refers to the time and place where a transaction is finalized. It is a collection of various software and hardware that allow customers to complete their purchase. Point of sale can occur in traditional brick and mortar stores or online. We offer a variety of POS solutions including cloud-based systems.

Payroll Management

Every business with employees needs a payroll management system. The system needs to be efficient, effective, and easy to use. Architechtura offers sophisticated customizable payroll management systems for all your payroll needs. Our systems allow you to organize all of your employee hours, wages, and attendance in one interface and has various payment options. For example, you can print, order, and deliver checks instantly as well as send out direct deposits, and insurance premium payments. We even handle accounting for tax purposes.

Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling should be simple. At Architechtura we use intuitive scheduling while accounting for local compliance orders. With our employee scheduling you save time and money, which means those resources can be allocated elsewhere. Have more control over your labor costs and use easy templates to replicate scheduling needs for other units. Furthermore, you can communicate with your staff via direct text messages, emails, phone, calls and even social media. This convenience is extended to your employees too on a custom communication platform, where employees can swap shifts or notify of an absence.

Inventory Tracking

Manage your inventory using a custom created system. Integrate with your supply chain and ordering platforms to instantly see stock in real-time. We display everything you need in one dashboard so all your needs and requirements can be managed and assessed from a single page. Our systems are also built with intelligence such as accounting for economic order quantities, ABC analysis, safety stocks, FIFO/LIFO, batch tracking, drop shipping, and more.


E-Commerce is more essential than ever before and has seen a significant increase this year due to the pandemic. For example, this Black Friday it was reported that 58% of consumers will shop online only. Thus, if you are not selling your products and services online, then you are missing out on an incredible financial opportunity. Not only this, but your credibility is diminished. When consumers visit a website, they expect it to be convenient, purposeful, professional, and aesthetically pleasing. Architechtura promises outstanding sites and online marketplaces in addition to online marketing services. In fact, our marketing in conjunction with a custom set up of SEO enhanced e-commerce site has shown outstanding results such as 25% (industry average: 1.6%) CTRs (click-through-rates) on Google Ads, and over 10,000% web traffic increase.

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