There are over 4.50 billion Internet users and over 80% are on some form of social media. That being said, social media serves as an instrumental tool for both individuals and businesses alike.  Gain an online following, use it as a means to generate revenue, or collect data.


Social media refers to any digital tool that allows users to engage with one another in a public audience. It is a method for content sharing and is accessed via a web-based application, website, or mobile application.

Architechtura is an industry leader when it comes to social media management and offers a variety of service plans that can be customized to fit your needs. Our experts work with virtually all platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Since we understand both the power and significance of social media, our experts always assess your goals thoroughly before beginning any work. This allows us to help you stand out and reach your objectives for minimal costs.


Internet privacy is essential. Anything that is posted online is a public record, which means social media can sometimes compromise individuals. Architechtura can help you to clean up your social media and ensure upmost privacy. We look at your entire account to make sure your personal information is not being utilized on a third-party site without your explicit authorization or otherwise repurposed.


Your social media accounts provide opportunities to showcase your personality online. As such, having accounts that capture you or your business is an absolute must. In addition, your viewers want to feel individually captivated. This means that it is important to create campaigns that incorporate personal information such as viewer names when targeting an audience.


Social media security involves analyzing your social media data to safeguard it against threats. It also includes a review for any vulnerabilities that can put your information and identity at risk of being compromised. It is critical that individual and business social media accounts remain secure as any infringement can lead to exploitation.

Low Page Performance

Large businesses and celebrities tend to fall victim of poor page performances. These social media accounts and associated websites simply cannot handle the traffic load that they are receiving. Architechtura knows how important speed and page performance is, which is why we can ensure that all your technology assets are optimized for high performance.


Having multiple social media accounts is a blessing in that more channels are available to reach your target audience. However, managing all these accounts can be quite overwhelming. At Architechtura we can merge all of your accounts into one dashboard, so management is easy. With single sign-on technology and automating posting, we simplify the interface and experience of how you use social media.

Poor Performing Social Media

If you feel like your social media is not a tool, then you are not using it correctly. Social media should directly increase your sales and help to build brand awareness. A lot of times social media accounts perform poorly just because they are not posting desirable content. Architechtura is equipped with industry specialists who ensure your content is rich and provides value. For example, if you are a doctor seeking to advertise a practice with social media, then you will be paired with one of our medical doctors (MD) who can help you create FDA compliant ads and content.

Low Audience Engagements

Every social media platform is different, which means difference audiences must be targeted. For example, LinkedIn is full of business professionals while Pinterest is majority female. This means that social media engagement strategies must be carefully crafted to ensure you are forming connections with your target audience. The more connections and commonalities you expose, the higher your engagements. Architechtura specializes in creating marketing plans to not only increase your reach but also the quality of such reach as measured by engagements.

Data mining

Social media is a valuable tool for collecting data on individuals or groups. When we talk about data mining on social media we refer to extracting and analyzing data in order to find actionable patterns or draw conclusions about populations. These metrics are essential for businesses and organizations as it allows for more precise marketing tactics.

Sample Solutions

Facebook Application Development

In 2007 Facebook launched the Facebook Developers platform, which provided developers with a framework for creating applications that interact with Facebook. Since then, thousands of applications have emerged. The biggest benefit of launching a Facebook application is brand awareness. By having a Facebook app, businesses are able to network with a large global audience thus expanding their reach. Furthermore, Facebook applications can be used to increase traffic to websites, collect consumer information, or even sell products. At Architechtura we have developers who have worked exclusively with the Facebook Developer platform and API. We have experts ready to deploy your application while keeping in mind all compliance requirements.

Develop Rich Content

A lot of people think that frequent posting is all it takes to gain a following on social media. However, while quantity is important, it is not nearly as important as quality. When someone visits your social account, they expect to gain value. If you are not providing value, then chances are your bounce rate is high and you are potentially even losing followers. At Architechtura we focus on keeping your following and expanding it. We have a team of stellar graphic designers and content writers who are industry specific and ready to help you get noticed.

Online Reviews

We are all guilty of checking reviews, and nowadays most people check reviews before finalizing the purchase of a product or service. That being said, it is essential that you have adequate and authentic reviews available for your consumers to view online. Architechtura can help you get the reviews you need to stand out via our proprietary SEO techniques along with slight operational changes.

Message-Based Applications

Sometimes a business or organization needs a custom messaging platform. This can be because secure information is being transmitted, monitoring is required, or countless other reasons. Architechtura understands this demand, which is why we create feature-rich messaging apps that are loaded with customized and empowered solutions, which allow users to work across multiple and different platforms such as Android or iOS.

Custom Social Networks

A lot of organizations are starting to compose their own social networks. In fact, since Myspace over 100 different social networking platforms have surfaced. Each platform has its own flagship commodity, such as Snapchat with disappearing content, or Instagram that relies on images and short video clips to be shared among a bigger network using hashtags. Regardless the purpose, all have one thing in common, which is to connect people. At Architechtura we can help you to create the next mainstream network, or perhaps even a smaller network for internal connecting purposes.

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