Supply Chain

A successful supply chain begins with a successful management system. At Architechtura we can develop your entire management process and automate processes, which saves you both time and money. Our experts understand the importance of digitalization and can help you implement custom solutions to enhance your performance.


All of our solutions increase your efficiency so that you can focus on what really matters – business. From inventory management solutions to fault protection and everything else in between, we got you covered.
We develop with your challenges in mind, including ones you may have not even thought of yet. We have just the expertise and resources you need to start saving today so that you can scale more tomorrow.

Tool Dependency

Far too many companies feel stunted by dependency on current systems, tools, and equipment. However, the reality is that all of these components can be reworked and enhanced so that they can enhance your business instead of holding it back.


There are a lot of regulatory hurdles that supply chain logistics must be aware of. At Architechtura we have a proprietary regulation analysis technique that ensure you are not only in compliance, but that the compliance requirements are used in such a way to benefit your business.


The more efficient your competitor is, the more they undercut you. We do not want you to lose business though, which is why we can help you adapt to the competition so that you always come out on top.

Segmented Groups

Decision making is critical in the supply chain industry, and often times multiple teams need to check off on a stage in the process. This means that sometimes important signatures are missed or a process is overlooked. At Architechtura we help to consolidate all parts of the process so that you never miss a step.


Of course all businesses are looking to expand, but sometimes that expansion can be difficult. Well thankfully we know just how to scale your business effectively so that expansion is never a burden.

New Processes

Sometimes you need to add a process to your workflow, which can cause quite the headache. At Architechtura we know how to modify your workflow without disrupting your existing flow.


It can be expensive to create or modify a supply chain, but at Architechtura we are all about saving. We have solutions that will give you higher ROIs that you will notice immediately.


Remote capabilities are more and more important everyday, which is a lesson COVID-19 has surely shown us. At Architechtura we can replicate your entire system on a mobile/web friendly application and have it fully integrated.

Sample Solutions

Shipping & Delivery Management

Tracking packages can be time consuming, but our logistics experts can develop solutions for you that allow you to instantly pull up a package’s live location or receive notifications upon delivery.

Fleet Management

You need to know if your fleet is on track, which is why we can integrate with third-party vendors and applications to make tracking different fleets easy.

Fault Protection

If something went wrong in a phase, then that should not affect your entire system. We have solutions to stop a problem the moment it happens so that you don’t have to deal with a bigger issue later, such as a customer being delivered a faulty product.

Inventory Management

You should be able to easily sort through your inventory. Our experts can help you define your inventory based on how you would like to be able to search it, and how you would like to be able to interact with it.

Automated Supply Chain

Automation is everything in supply chain. If we can automate something, then that is one less responsibility for you. At Architechtura we lead the industry when it comes to smart contracts and we can automate everything from third-party signatures to shipping and more.

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