20%+ Engagement Rates on Twitter Paid Ads

The average Twitter paid ad engagement rate is around 0.5%, and any ad with an engagement rate higher than 1% is considered exceptionally good.


Our ads for Miami Crypto Experience received 20%+ engagements, which means we bring 1,900+% more engagements than other top marketing firms; translating into massive campaign savings. Here’s how we do it:



We Know the Crypto Lingo

Because we know the language and the jargon used in the crypto community, we create “natural” looking ads that build trust and credibility. In addition, using language commonly used by the community makes the ads more relatable.


We Personalize According to Active Blockchain Events

We target people at in-person events with ads, which gets everyone at the event to start talking about it. Here is an ad we ran during NFT.NYC which yielded high results (26.57% engagement rate).



Note the reference to people in New York and hashtags of specific cryptocurrencies. We always try to add the hashtags of the top trending tokens on Twitter as it boosts visibility.


We Watch the Market

The current situation in the market is forever changing, which means sentiment and memes are changing too. When wee notice people talking about a certain topic, then w quickly create content about the subject. People appreciate seeing relevant content.



We Test Different Ad Versions

We take a data-driven approach to marketing, which means we split test everything you can think of: copy, images, videos, landing pages, CTAs, audiences, content, etc. Doing this ensures we display the right ads, to the right people, at the right time for maximum results.



MAC Address Targeting

A lot of marketers think that geofencing is the same as geotargeting, which is not true. Geofencing is targeting a general location radius while geotargeting uses a variety of factors to hyper-target audiences. The most effective hyper-targeting uses a combination of demographic and interest data coupled with MAC addresses, which can be purchased from up to 18 months ago.


What’s a MAC Address?

A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a 12-digit hexadecimal number, often displayed with hyphens separating every 2 digits, that is unique to a device (i.e. phone or laptop) that connects to the Internet.


Example of hyper-targeting ads with MAC addresses

So, let’s say I want to know everyone inside the main auditorium during Bitcoin Conference at 3:00 PM, then I could buy the MAC addresses of just those specific people.


The Gist of It

It takes time to achieve impactful engagement rates, but with our data mining tactics, and strategies to leverage data, joined by discipline and creativity, we help companies optimize PPC campaigns.

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